Visitor's Comments From Irish Rose Cabin
When I first started the cabin, I put out an old fashion guestbook for guests to sign and comment, well, because I've seen them at other places where I had stayed.
I thought it would be a good idea to get feedback for improvements, and to keep in touch for later follow-ups. You know, for business purposes.

Well, frankly, I did not know what to expect, but a guestbook seemed like a good idea.

As I started to read over the comments, it occured to me that these were not just guests at the cabin, they were people who had entered and touched my life.

We were now friends.
Some are casual friends, and some others who share a deep connection, but all of them have contributed to my life and I am a better person because of them.

I never expected that by opening up my little cabin, that people would have so opened up their hearts and lives in return.
I never thought I would be the one to benefit so much by running the cabin.
I consider myself very blessed to have met everyone of them.

So, it is with much humility that I now open that guestbook to share with you.

Mike, What a lovely time we have had here.
We have felt at home from the minute we pulled in the driveway.
Thank you so much for your kindness and carring that you have shared with us.
We will be back to make more memories. This is a beautiful place.
May God continue to bless all who come here and you for sharing..

     Mike, Tia, Aidan & Adar
     October,  2016
Mike, Thanks so much for the cabin.
We loved our stay, it was just what we wanted.
It has given us ideas for some property we have in LA. We want to build a cabin and offer peace and quiet to couples. Thank you__.

p.s. The cleanest place I have ever stayed.

     Darrell & Phyllis
     October,  2016
Mike, You are a delight!! Thank you so much for your lovely cabin!
We enjoyed our short stay and we hope to come back to the area for a longer stay.
You have created a special place. Many blessings to you__

     Arlene, Tim & Caroline
     October,  2016
It's great to see you again, as always!!
And it's great to enjoy your relaxing cabin and to use it as a central point to come back to after driving all around the area each evening.
Today we went to Mt. Magazine for the day. Tomorrow we will go to Hot Springs and Garvin Gardens. The next day we will go to Petie Jean Mtn. and see an antique care show there.
It's great to be able to come back here as a "home base" between our trips around the area, instead of having to hop from one hotel to another.

Today when we drove back to the cabin, as we drove up, we saw 4 deer run across the yard, toward the barns and into some brush at the edge of the yard. Just as they reached the edge, they all stopped and just stood there looking at us.They were all fairly mature and seemed to be a family. It was a rare moment to enjoy!
It's great to be so close to nature here! Thank you for that and for such a nice, peaceful, quiet place to relax!

     Sharon & Jim
     September,  2016
Mike, John and I thank you for your hospitality.
Your cabin is perfect!!

An Old Irish Blessing-
May love and laughter light your days and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours, where ever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours......

     John & Jill
     July,  2016
Mike, Anna & I had a very peaceful time here!
Sitting on the porch listening to the rain and reading was so very relaxing.
I will be back soon!

     Dawn & Anna
     July,  2016
Mike, What luck to have found you and this perfect little hideaway to overnight in after picking up our child from Camp Ozark.
We were sorry to have missed you playing and the bluegrass jam, but are so appreciative of your kind and thoughtful hospitality and beautiful Cabin.
All the best......

     Elizabeth & Steven
     June,  2016
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.
We enjoyed our short stay, but can't wait to return next year.
Your home and cabin are perfect. Best regards_..

     Ericke & Lionel
     June,  2016
Mike, Thank you so much for everything.
This has been the perfect place to regroup and decompress from the stress of daily life.
Your kind words and genorsity will never be forgotten!
This experience will always bring a smile to my face. I'm so glad we were able to cross paths.
Thanks again for every thing. God Bless you....

     Rachel & Avery
     June,  2016
Mike, you have been a reminder of what is great in our busy world.
Looking forward to another visit.

     June,  2016
Dear Mike, We loved your cabin, the location, the town, the view and your generosity!
Everything about this vacation was gorgeous and awesome! Thank you so much for having us!
You're wonderful, super nice and just a great person to talk to! You gave great advice, knowledge and wisdom!
I look forward to seeing you in the future. Thanks again for all that you did for us!
It was a pleasure meeting you and visiting with you and your home is gorgeous!

     June,  2016
Me and my husband would like to thank you for the rental of a nice, clean, peaceful and beautiful place to stay. Also, what God has given your family to pass on to others.
Thank you_.

     Danny & Laural
     May,  2016
Mike, Thanks for your hospitality. Our visit was great!

     May,  2016
Thank you for a wonderful place to stay.
We enjoyed the cabin and had a great time digging in the crystal mines.
You are a wonderful host!

     Tyler, Jessica & Zoe
     April,  2016
Mike-Thanks for everything.
The cabin is beautiful and we had a wonderful time.
Hope to be back again!
God Bless You_..

     April,  2016
Mike, Thank you for the beautiful place to stay.
We were so pleased. You were the most wonderful and kind host.
We definitely plant to return.

     Charles & Tammy
     April,  2016
Mike, Thanks so much for a lovely place to stay.
You were most helpful and kind. My only regret is not getting back in time to hear you play.
Thanks again__.

     Mike & Cindy
     March,  2016
Dear Mike,
Mike your little cabin is just a perfect and pristine place for travelers like us! Thank you.
We so enjoyed the donuts and coffee-but mostly Mike, your songs and videos.
The video will stay with us always!
We'll see you next time we are up. Love.......

     Reggie & Diana
     February,  2016
To say "thank you" is never enough!
We long for our annual visit and already looking forward to our return.
"We thank our God upon every remembrance of you". Lovingly__.

     Leigh & Pam
     November,  2015
Mike, Once again you and Our Lord has Blessed us with rest and a beautiful cabin.
God Bless you and your family.

     Floyd & Darla
     October,  2015
Mike, Thank you for allowing us to stay in your lovely house.
It gave me the rest I really needed.
God Bless and keep you. May He wrap His arms around you and may you always walk in His light. God Bless__.

     Darla & Ron
     October,  2015
Mike, Thank you for a lovely experience!

     Judy & David
     October,  2015
Mike, This place is amazing and so are you!
Thank you for the great hospitality and especially breakfast with the banjo. It was powerful.
We loved staying here at the cabin and we will be back! I can't tell you enough what a great time we had.
We will be back.

     Marannie & Jacob
     October,  2015
Mike, You have an amazing cabin!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful land.
We really enjoyed your special treat of playing your banjo.

     Jennifer & Allen
     October,  2015
Beautiful country, relaxing cabin. This was a great place to stay. Thank you_..

     Dena & John
     September,  2015
As we travel through our lives we are met by earthly angles.
We meet them and believe they are just like us, but they possess Godly magic in their hearts.
Thank you Mike for the joy filled magic in your heart and your love of all men and women who visit this place.
Wishing you the very best always.

     September,  2015
Mike, You have shared with us a piece of paradise-Thank you!
You are a truly a sweet man and a real nice guy.
And you bake Brownies!!!

     September,  2015
Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful place to relax for our family.
This cabin provided a safe place for us so we could excape from home for a few days and just focus on our family.
Thank you for your hospitality and cabin. Thank you__.

     The Lees
     August,  2015
We came fleeing the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
We couldn't have found a better place than this Cabin-a congenial host and quiet accommodations.

P.S. Thank you Mike for all your kindness-the yummy cake, for inviting us to your band practice and for sharing your slice of heaven Cabin.
We love your goats. God Bless You.

     Hugh & Linda
     August,  2015
Perfect place to stay before picking up our son from Camp Ozark.
Beautiful, clean and comfortable.

     Hayley & Jon
     July,  2015
Mike, From the welcome greeting of the old black Lab when we entered the driveway to the day of our departure, we have had a very relaxing time. God Bless.

     Mike & Terri
     July,  2015
Mr. Mike, Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality you have shown from my first time to call and book the lodge to the sweet arrival when we got here, you have been a delight!
I look forward to coming back again soon! The cabin and views around is just amazing and makes you reflect on just how amazing Our God really is.
Thank you again for everything!

     June,  2015
Mr. Mike, Thank you for the great hospitality. We enjoyed everything!

     June,  2015
Words fade-fantastic cabin and host-love the Banjo!!
Looking forward to coming back!

     Marilyn & Maurice
     June,  2015
Mike, Thanks so much for your fabulous hospitality! Awesome!
Could feel the power of the Holy Spirit as He was with us last night!
We'll be back. Love__.

     The Donahues
     June,  2015
Beautiful cabin! Loved star gazing up here!

     June,  2015
I second the beauty of this place, loved the stars. I need to get out of the city more often.

     June,  2015
I loved the TV!

     June,  2015
Beautiful County! Thanks for letting us visit!!

     Kelly & Chris
     June,  2015
Lovely place! We'll be back.
Thanks for your hospitality.

     Joe & Janet
     May,  2015
Thank you for your kindness! It was a joy to visit with you and enjoy the peace of your cabin.
May God continue to bless you and to use you to share His love and peace.

     April,  2015
God loves what in us is not yet. What has still to come to birth. God, loving what is not yet and putting faity in us, continually begets us, since love is what begets__.The charity which God transmits to us is this very ability to love things in a person which do not as yet exist. The earth is filled with your love, O'Lord. PS119:64

     April,  2015
Mike, It was great staying here. I brought my grandchildren here to go dig in the mountains of quartz. Had a great time.
This is a pleasure, no doubt! Your town and people are wonderful.
I look forward to another stay soon. A great get away!!!!

     Pat & Melissa
     March,  2015
Mike, Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.
We thoroughly enjoyed this getaway to the beautiful Mount Ida with our kids.
The sleet and ice expected couldn't scare us away! You were so very accomedating and it is a real pleasure to have met you.
Your cabin is indeed a serene and peaceful escape. We have enjoyed listening to the Youtube music and you are definitely gifted on the banjo!
There is a light in you that exsceeds the realm of kindness you find in your average person.
We hope to return and spend another peaceful weekend here.
We feel blessed to have me you....,.

     Ron & Kelly
     February,  2015
Mike, Thank you so very much for your kindness, your Godly home and cottage is an inspration and I felt as if I had returned home!
Blessings to you & Prosperity be yours.

     November,  2014
Wonderful place. See Mike for a great place to hike!

     October,  2014
This was our second trip to the cabin and already look forward to our third!
Enjoyed the cabin and all the peace and quiet it provides.
Mike-as usual-our gracious and accommodating host!
Great day trip to see the gorgeous fall color to Mt. Magizine-highly recommended!
See you and the goats next year!!

     Tim & Leigh
     September,  2014
Beautiful Country! Lovely cabin! Awesome views! We throughly enjoyed it!

     Randall & Regina
     September,  2014
Mike, There are no words to describe how pleased we were with the cabin and meeting such nice people here.
I was dreading this trip. Your cabin was a breath of fresh air and we will definitely be back.
The fellowship we shared with you and your friends at the cookout was wonderful.
Thanks so much for everything.

     Catherine & Eddie
     August,  2014
"Like out of a book" this place is beautiful and peaceful.
We come down from Texas every summer to drop off and pick up at Camp Ozark.
This is my first time at your cabin; this will be our place from now on.
Mike is so kind and friendly-they don't have many people like him anymore. Glad to have met him.....

     July,  2014
This cabin and the beautiful trees, mountains, creek, pond all have brought such peace to me. Such a gift to me. Thank you.
Thoroughly enjoyed the coffee as I sat on the porch watching the sunrise. Thank you.
You definitatly have the gift of hospility. May god fill you to overflowing with His joy.

     July,  2014
Thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful cabin!
We came to Lake Ouachita every summer and usually stay at one of the resorts; however, this cabin is much nicer and quieter!
Will stay here from now on! Thank you again!

     The Stantons
     July,  2014
Mike, Thanks for letting us stay in the cabin. It was beautiful.
Until next time__

     Kylie, Wesley, Brynnlee, Jeff & Dana
     July,  2014
Mike, Thank you for the peaceful night of rest!

     Jason, Quinn & Tate
     July,  2014
Mike, Thank you for opening your Cabin to us!
We are picking our children up tomorrow at Camp Ozark. We have enjoyed the peaceful setting of this cabin-what a rare "gem" to find.
We have been sending our kids to Camp Ozark for 6 years and usually either bring them or pick them up.
We hope to stay here again! Thank you for your hospitality!
We love all the scriptures.

     Kayla & Mike
     June,  2014
This was our first visit to your cabin and my new bride and I truly enjoyed it.
The beauty of the countryside and the peace it offered is a blessing.

     Rick & Meagan
     June,  2014
This is truly a Blessed place. We were here two years ago and found rest for our body and soul. Once again we have experienced that rest. Thank you Mike_..

     Floyd & Darla
     May,  2014
Mike, We've enjoyed the cabin so much_The countryside here is beautiful.
We recommend to future visitors to take the time to explore the area.
There are many beautiful and scenic areas and drives. Our favorites were the Lake Ouachita Vista, the Crystal Vista Auto tour and River Bludd Day use area.
Alot of these are on narrow gravel roads so be prepared to travel slow and enjoy the scenery.
Hopeing to visit again soon!!!

     Steve & Deb
     May,  2014
Mike, Love your place! We may be back soon to just ride the Womble Trails instead of racing it.

     The Robinsons
     April,  2014
Mike, Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and peaceful space for others to enjoy.
Thank you for sharing with us.
We spent our days digging for crystals and it was so nice to come back to such a wonderful place to relax.
We will definitely remember this for the future. Many blessings to you and yours.....

     Edward & Francine
     April,  2014
Mike, Thank you so much!!
Brian and I really enjoyed the cabin and it gave us both the time we needed to reconnect and relax with each other.
After a few lazy days here, I feel re-charged and re-energized to face and enjoy the last, hectic nine years of school.
Thanks again....

     Brian & Kit
     March,  2014
Mike, you have a very nice cabin,. It is wonderful to hear birds singing in the morning!!
We wish we could stay another night. Unfortunately we need to check out early.
We will definitely consider this cabin again if we travel to this part of Arkansas.
Thanks again...

     Ken & Chi-Ann
     March,  2014
Dear Mike, Thank you for allowing us to stay in such a wonderful, peaceful place.
I celebrated my 61st birthday here and will always remember this very special place.
May the Creator continue to bless you and this peaceful land. May your life be filled with joy, hope and love.
Blessings to you.

     Jim & Virginia
     February,  2014
This was such a pleasant stay. Enjoyed music and hospitality.
Hope to see you again in the coming years.

     John & Renei
     February,  2014
Very nice birthday get away!!
Thanks for the music and fellowship, really enjoyed the song.
Hope to see you again and play some more music.

     James & Roxanna
     December,  2013
Thank you for sharing your hospitality and your music with us.
Best of luck with your music CD and best wishes to you.
Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us! Hugs!
Your friends_..

     Sharon & Jim
     November,  2013
We loved your peaceful, cozy cabin.
I believe Andy is learning to "tree" varmits. We had to pull him off after a successful trap (at 1:30am). HA!
But how can you be upset with a face like that.
Thank you for your generosity and hope to be back some day.
Would love to explore around but the rain is not cooperating with us.

     Terry & Sharon
     October,  2013
This was our first trip to Arkansas and you definitely have a beautiful state.
The roads were great for cycling and we enjoyed riding to the various state perks.
The cabin was warm and cozy retreat to come back to after a long day of cycling and Andy was always there to welcome us back in the evening.
Tim appriciates being able to keep the bike in the shed.
This was a great way to end our fall riding season.

     Tom & Diane
     October,  2013
Thank you for your kindness. We loved the cottage. It was so cozy.
Andy is pretty awsome also. Hope we will be back this way soon.

     Ricky & Sheila
     October,  2013
Mike (&Andy) Thank you for your kind hospitality and for sharing your home with us.
Much to our delight, we experienced Andy's joy and exuberance for life in our many trips around the pasture and will remember him fondly.
If Andy ever desires to relocate to the big city, please do not hesitate to call us and we will gladly accommodate him.
We look forward to our next visit with great anticipation. With Love....

     Pam & Leigh
     October,  2013
It has been a pleasure being here Mike. Meeting you-talking, sharing dinner, listening to your music-We are kindred spirits.
Thanks you for sharing your gifts with us.
Hope to be back soon!

     Denise & Mike
     October,  2013
Mike (&Andy!), We truly feel God led us to this cabin.
He knew we needed to rest, relax and recuperate and this was the perfect place.
Andy was a joy to have around. We saw the deer several times as well.
Thanks for the watermelon and banjo time-you are very talented!
Make sure you let is know when you play in Texas. I'm pretty sure we will see you again.

     Linda & Alan
     September,  2013
Beautiful cabin, very nice and clean!

     Donna & Lloyd
     September,  2013
Thank you for providing this adorable place! We enjoyed our short stay on our way home to LA from a visit to Harrison.
We had searched online for days for a one night stay in a cabin and I'm so thankful we chose this one.
It is so peaceful, comfortable, clean we enjoyed the beauty of God's creations-and I love that His Word is all through this place!!
Hope to return again for a longer stay. May God continue to bless you as you touch lives at this beautiful place.

p.s. We had our fun playing with Andy (or "Jingle Bell", as my husband called him!)

     Clayton & Leila
     August,  2013
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your beautiful cabin.
What a welcome it's cool interior was on a quite humid day.
We loved meeting Andy and he provided a lot of compainship. Lol
He followed us to the creek, but didn't like the water so we had to carry him up and down the stream. It was a hoot.
I held him in one arm and he wrapped his long tail around my back like a monkey holding on for dear life.
So FYI, I don't think you'll have a problem with him staying away from the water. lol.

This is our last evening here and I am hoping to get to hear you play the banjo. It would be the perfect evening to a perfect stay. Oh, Andy did steal my husbands shoe-just as you warned. ha-ha. We searched and searched and my niece found it in his dog house. So, if you were wondering why my husband was trying to crawl in it on the first night and ended up wrestling with Andy in the back yard, that was it. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Nothing is better for the soul.

My niece and I did get a little rock climbing back up from the creek, but good ole Andy led us the last 50 feet to the cabin. lol
He was as lost as us until then! He's so funny.
Thank you again for sharing your little slice of heaven wtih us.
We will always remember our stay fondly. Go RAZORBACKS! (I don't even keep up with sports, lol)

     Tonya, Bill & Adrey
     July,  2013
Thank you for your generosity and kindness during our stay.
We love the cabin and love the town of Mt. Ida and all of the charactors we have met.
We will miss Andy and would love to have a photo send to us via email as he grows.
You are a very nice man who knows good music when he hears it.
Hope to see you again on our next trip.

     John & Donna
     June,  2013
Thanks for such a comfortable stay. It was a pleasure meeting you and your pup Andy.
We really enjoyed the pretty view from the cabin.
So glad we found you when searching the internet, you can bet we will recommend this vacation spot.

     Martin & Dawn
     June,  2013
Thanks you for being such a great host!
We enjoyed the cabin and the town of Mt. Ida, It kind of reminds us of home with nice and friendly people who wave on the road!!
If we had a little more time, we could have cooked up some real cajun food for you but maybe another time.
Our daughter, Audrey, really enjoyed the "big mountains" and of course your puppy!
We will definately be recommending your cabin to others traveling this way. Thanks again.

     Laurie, James & Audry
     June,  2013
It was so fun to walk in and hear Willie's Road House (Texas Country) music playing. What a fun welcome!!

     Lilliane & Mike
     June,  2013
Mike, WOW!! What a great time we have had!
Thank you so much for hospitality and generousity.
This is a perfect place to unwind, which we all need from time to time.
It was so relaxing to sit on the porch in the evening with "nothing to do".
Rest, relax, recharge.......the bad news is that we must return to the "real" world.....The good news is that we are already planning a return trip.
May God richly bless you and yours.

     Lilliane & Mike
     June,  2013
A wonderful time had by all. The landscape is beautiful, the cabin is comfortable and the host is gracious.
This cabin is one of Montgomery County's treasures.

     John, Jennifer, Marion & Virginia
     May,  2013
My Mother and I are so grateful we found your little cabin. We were able to relax and enjoy our visit.
This place is amazing and the innkeeper is so thoughtful and kind.
We hope to return soon.

     Rhonda & Linda
     April,  2013
What an unexpected treat!! Every single thing is perfect.
We will be back when we have time to really enjoy your amazing little cabin.

     Cathy & Lewis
     April,  2013
Thanks for the hospitality, we really enjoyed the cabin and the view is just great!
Sure hope your wrist heals up and you can get back to your band soon!
God Bless you!! Thanks again.

     Jim & Jamie
     March,  2013
This was an excllent place for us to decompress. Beautiful countryside giving me lots of ideas for future paintings.
Sorry we didn't get to hear you play your Irish songs on your Banjo. God Bless

     Vicki & Hal
     February,  2013
__oh, how I hated to say goodbye to_..Arkansas, land of opportunity, Arkansas, oh what you do to me. Prettiest place I ever saw__is back HOME in Arkansas.
The Ouachita Mountains are calling be back home. I don't know what to do. Everytime I come I don't want to leave.
It's too much of a tease for me. I would like to move back, but don't know what is best for me and my husband.
Thanks for the music, tips and introductory jam session.
Be safe in your travels. Thanks for your hospitality.
We are comfy here, especially that last two days while my husband was ill. I wanted to stay longer, but not this way.
I will contact you by e-mail. I would like to come back for spring break or this summer. This would be a safe place for me to stay if my husband can't make the trip due to his work schedule.
May God guild us all, this love.

     Teresa & Larry
     January,  2013
Friends are hard to make and harder to hold on to. You have made us feel like you've known us for years.
May God bless you and keep you safe.
If you ever come down close to us, we would love to have you visit. Your friend.

     January,  2013
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay here in the cabin, we love it.
Me, Kellie and the kids had a lot of fun here along with peace and quiet surroundings.
You are a good friend and fellow musician that I value a lot.
We look forward to coming back again to the beautiful place. You are always welcome to join me onstage anytime.
We have many more songs to play in years to come.
This is a little Heaven on Earth. God Bless you.

     Larry & Kelly
     December,  2012
We love the trees, the sky, hills and fresh air and peace of your place on earth.
We hope to see you in Cajun Country and hear your music.
Peace and Blessings.

     Camille & Joe
     November,  2012
A random click on the computer and God led us here.
What a charming place we found on our way home to Shreveport.
Thank you so much and we hope to see you again soon.

     October,  2012
Beautiful setting-great amenities. We had everything we needed.
Especially love the Pearl E Gate to the stream below. Thanks for sharing.

     Janet & Kris
     October,  2012
Thank you! No words can express how welcoming you and your Cabin are!
Definitely a place for rest and respite but also a chance to meet one of the most wonderful person there is.
Take good care and look forward to when the paths we walk cross again.
In peace.

     October,  2012
We enjoyed the cabin and your hospitality so much!! You have such a beautiful, peaceful place, it was perfect to come back to after a long day.
Thanks so much for your words of advice concerning the trip to Ireland that my husband and I are planing.
I appriciate all you shared.

     October,  2012

     James & Cindy
     October,  2012
What a wonderful surprise get away! It was such a fun weekend.
Thank you for being such a gracious host.
So nice meeting you and hope to see you again soon.

     Don & Connie
     August,  2012
Thank you sweet friend for helping me make the Possum Picnic a great success. It took many hands but it was perfect!

     August,  2012
Hey, thanks for the fishing hooks! Will always recommend you for other that just wanna relax and have a wonderful time.
Love the view behind the house!

     August,  2012
Thank you so much for having such a great place for people to relax and have fun in.
We needed a good relaxing time and just have fun.
All the kind touches, flowers, fishing hooks, playing the banjo-just remarkable! We will never forget this time.
A beautiful spot-just like paradise! You have such a loving heart.
Hope to see you again one day.

     Dan & Kathy
     August,  2012
I would like to begin by saying that there aren't enough words in any language to express our gratitude for your generosities.
From the moment I first met you I have had a feeling that we were part of the same family.
Dad was lucky to have a friend like you in such a stressful time. We had a wonderful time and your cabin made our stay here that much better.
They say home is where you hang your hat and we felt like we were at home.
Thank you for being a great friend!
You will always be part of our family.

     Freddie, Sandra, Brandon & Dalton
     August,  2012
Thank you for a memorable vacation. The cabin is lovely.
We enjoyed many experiences in Mt. Ida and Hot Springs.
We are grateful for the time we spent here. God Bless.

     Mike & Jane
     August,  2012
Perfect!! The cabin was exactly what we needed. God Bless.

     July,  2012
To say thank you is not enough to express the kindness and fellowship we were shown by you. You are a beautiful soul.
The cabin is inviting and so warm.
Mike you are a great artist in so many ways. You have a passion for music that calls throughout.
We are blessed that our paths crossed with yours. We look forward to many more visits. God Bless.

     Pat & Paul Kilroy
     July,  2012
I feel as tho the Lord lead me and Frank here to your very peaceful and restful cabin. It felt like a home away from home.
I've traveled a lot and I have never found such a clean and quiet place as your little home.
I can feel that you are a good Christian and you really enjoy giving people a Welcome Home experience.
I have 3 family members that are sick and Frank thought it would be good to get away for a couple days.
We will go home tomorrow, but I will always remember this peace and try to come back when life gets tough.

     Frank & Bonnie
     July,  2012
We really enjoyed the cabin! It is a beautiful place here and very peaceful.
We needed the relaxation and filled the bill in your cabin!
Looking forward to staying with you again.

     Sharon & Micheal
     July,  2012
Love the cabin!
Even though we only stayed one night we really enjoyed it.
The goats were precious and we enjoyed collecting rocks at the creek.
Thanks for a peaceful, enjoyable night! Hope to see you next year when we drop off for Camp Ozark!

     Kim Aberey & Seth
     July,  2012
It was wonderful!!

     Christina & Chris
     June,  2012
My mother, daughters and I had a really unjoyable stay at this charming cottage!
It just wasn't long enough. We look forward to returning. God bless you and yours.

     June,  2012
To say Hunter and I had a wonderful time is an understatement!
Now is is time for you to come "down South".
Enjoyed the music, meeting your friends, of course the cabin, and the "sock hop".
May you always dance and may I hear your music again soon! Now, let's chat about an Ireland trip.

     Claire & Hunter
     June,  2012
Mike-you're the real deal. Enjoyed your turns and our morning walks and chats.
May the wind always be at your back__..

     June,  2012
What a great way to start our 20th Anniversary trip!
We really enjoyed the cleanliness and seclusion of your cabin.
It was so kind of you to back up this fumbling guitar player with your banjo. We enjoyed making music and singing in your home.
You've got a great gift. Somehow God uses music to minister to us. "...David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him." Sam.16:23
We feel refreshed! Until we meet again!!

     James & Michelle
     June,  2012
Thanks so much!! The cabin was even better than we expected!
Had a great time, we'll definitely see you again!!

     Rachel & Jeremy
     May,  2012
Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. We have enjoyed our stay here very much.
It's very peaceful and we felt very welcomed.
We'll stay again if we ever get back to Arkansas. God Bless!

     Dan & Cory
     May,  2012
Wonderful place you have here! Reminds me of Sweden.
We had a unique holiday! Have a wonderful day!!

     Robert & Shelbie
     April,  2012
Thank you for the lovely place to rest! We will be back!

     Floyd & Darla
     April,  2012
Really want to give you great thanks to everyone that I have had the pleasure of meeting on this Arkansas Road Trip.
Am looking forward to coming back some time in the future.
It is such a calm and beautiful place. That now it is soooo hard to go back to where we came from.
Want to tip the bank. It ain't much but it's something. Thanks again.

     March,  2012
It was so great to have stayed with you this weekend for our spring break!
We really felt at home in your cabin-with all the necessary accomdations you provided for us and your company.
You have such a beautiful living area and you're very blessed!
We enjoyed hearing you play the banjo-you have such talent! We've only known you for a couple days, yet it feels like a lifetime.
You're very kind-hearted and we hope the best for you.....until next time!!

P.S. if you're ever in LR, send us an e-mail.

     Mr. & Mrs. B.
     March,  2012
Beautiful place. We really enjoyed outselves. Thanks again.

     Tom & Jan
     February,  2012
Thank you again Mike.
We love coming here for the peace, relaxation, and mountain biking!
The Womble is awesum and the Ouachita is as hymbleing as it gets. We even ran into some cycling friends on the Square.
God bless and see you again soon.

     David & Susan
     December,  2011
Thank you Mike! I love your place.

     December,  2011
Thank you again Mike. It was amazing. You have a nice cabin.
Hope we can come back very soon. You are so very kind.

     December,  2011
Thank you for your hospitality. Wish you well.

     November,  2011
Enjoyed your cabin. Nice place to rest up for a while before we are "on the road" again!

     Nancy & Claude
     November,  2011
What a sweet corner of Heaven you have here!
So peaceful and a great place to rest. Thanks for our hospitality and grace.

     November,  2011
We loved our stay, even though it was short.
The cabin and your land are simply wonderful!!
We have to return again. May God bless you and yours.

     Vickie & Jack
     September,  2011
The best cabin expedrience! It's nice, cute and clean!
Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.

     George & Miz
     September,  2011
Many thanks for a restful retreat.

     September,  2011
Another relaxing, enjoyable rest!
Thank you for the rest to look forward to at least once a year.
I trust your life is well and God is with you in all your days.!

     Beth & Ed
     August,  2011
We greatly enjoyed the peace and quiet and lovely cabin, as always. I even saw some deer yesterday.
Wish you bright days in the future. We'll be back!!! Hugs.

     August,  2011
Thainks again for a restful weekend in the cabin and good luck to you.

     August,  2011
Thank you so much for everything. Paige is going to miss the goats and fish and coons and creek! We really have to see you again next summer. Warmly.

     Kristy & Paige
     July,  2011
We only had one night and a very short visit, but thank you for such a charming cottage to relax in after a long drive.
So nice to see breakfast all ready and waiting-nice fresh linens, beautiful views.
We will be sure to come back next year. Thanks!

     Kenny & Judy
     July,  2011
Hey in five minutes we felt the cabin was well worth the trip. Thanks again.

     July,  2011
We truly enjoyed staying in your cabin-very nice indeed. It was also a pleasure meeting you.
Our stay has enhanced our Arkansas experience.
My wife and true love for 33 years enjoyed our visit here.

     Dan & Mary
     July,  2011
We enjoyed our stay in the cabin very much!
The trail system here is excellent for mountain bikers!
It was great to ride in the beautiful weather and then come back to the cabin to cook dinner and relax.
Nice meeting you Mike!

     Carrie & Chris
     May,  2011
I've camped in every park close to Mt. Ida and stayed in any place here that had a cabin and I finally came here!!
I wish I'd come here first-it was the prettiest, most peaceful and nicest place I have stayed in.
You are truly a great host and sharing of food in the cabins was unexpected and so appreciated.
You said sharing food with another was kin to having communion together-you truly have a servants heart.
Keep on being and doing what the Creator calls you to do. You might consider re-naming the cabin "Traveler's Rest", because it truly is. Oh, and the "wildlife" adventures were fun too. Let me know if they ever catch the Mule!!
Nice time, we have to find time to jam.

     May,  2011
The cabin was so very nice and clean. The food was appriciated-it came in handy for our 2 years old. Thank you very much.

     Terry & Tammy
     April,  2011
Mike, you have a great little peace on earth!!! Thank you for everything.
Enjoyed the music on the Sunday morning. Take care.

     April,  2011
Hey there Mike, I thank you for everything, it was nice. I love it here and it was so good to sit out on the porch.
Hope to be back again. Take care.

     April,  2011
Thank you so much for creating an opportunity for us to share your world.
Your cabin, your property and your heart have been a blessing to us!
We really appreciate the time you spent with us, your kindness and wisdom have made an impact on us.
I pray your beautiful ministry will continue for years to come!

     Jennifer & Chad
     March,  2011
We have truly enjoyed the peace and quiet here.
While our purpose was a 60 mile mountain bike race, we've been able to have a relaxing weekend too.
Thanks for building such a great retreat, we will definitely be back for more blessing and mountain biking.

     David & Susan
     March,  2011
We have so thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful area. The cabin has been the perfect place to stay. It is so comfortable and has everything we need.
I loved having lots of lamps and light, recepticles for charging the phones and camera, and comfortable place to sit, and cheerful decor.
Having the "kitchen" walled off added to the charm. If it had been warmer, the rockers on the porch would have called my name!
Of course, the highlight was listening to you play your banjo and make music with your friends.
Our lives are much richer from being part of your world for this short time.
Thank you for your generous hospitality. This has been an experience we wil fondly remember.
And thanks again for being such a knowledgable tour guide!

     Ricky and Marysue
     March,  2011
Beautiful, cozy cabin!
Thanks for sharing this peaceful, quaint slice of Heaven with us!

     Chuck & Kathy
     October,  2010
We had an amazing visit! Small world that we are really "neighbors" all along!
Thanks for the great company and delicious breakfast-what an unexpected treat!
We wish you the very best-you obviously deserve it!
Had a blast and a beautiful birthday too.

     October,  2010
Thanks for a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful home away from home.
Love the scenery-awesome!
You are such a hospitable host and we really enjoyed our conversation with you and learning of histories we had in common.
Love your goats and I hope the little one's left front foot gets all better!
Take care, we hope to see you again someday! And thanks so much for the home baked breakfast cake, it was delicious.

     October,  2010
You have new friends in Rogers, AR now!
Let us know if you ever want to visit Beaver Lake.
We really enjoyed this great spot. Thank you for all the wonderful hospitality.

     Tommy & Susan
     October,  2010
Had a wonderful time. Thanks for creating such a blessed place to stay.

     Shari & Len
     October,  2010
Thanks so much for having such a place.
My cousin told us about ya'all and we wanted a weekend away. This worked out perfect.
We almost had to call and cancel our trip. My daughter flipped her car on 9/2/10 and thank the Lord after many x-rays she came thru with a minor shoulder injury and a few bruises.
She insisted we come, she is 20 and has two children of her own so the importance of getting away is well known to her.
Thanks again. We saw 4 deer last night and this was right up my husband's ally as he's an avid hunder of deer and coon.
It is easy to be still and know that God is up here.
Thanks again. It was wonderful.

     Samantha & Anthony
     September,  2010
Bonnie and I really enjoyed the Mt. Ida experience. Golf, music at the "Back Porch" and evening spent with you playing the banjo. Best Regards.

     Russ & Bonnie
     August,  2010
Thank you so much Mike for your hospitality and kindness. Your cabin is beautiful, cozy and the scenary is lovely.
We appriciate your help getting our car to the shop and back again.
You have a wonderful place here! So quiet and peaceful. We plan to visit again.
Thanks again for making our stay so very enjoyable.

P.S. We will miss the goats and frogs.

     Jim & Linda
     July,  2010
Rick & I work a lot of long hours with not much time left over for just us.
We both realize that time alone together is very important in a marriage.
This place and time we spent together making memories is exactly what the Lord intended for us. He led us to this place as he knew what we needed.
This weekend was a real blessing for us. Thanks for all you do to make it special, cozy and comfortable.
We left our cares behind for a couple of days and really enjoyed each other.
Loved the place. I felt Jesus all over it. We will definitely be back.

     Rick & Jo
     June,  2010
Harold & I really enjoyed out stay here. Thank you so much for the special treat of good Irish music.
We look forward to coming back again. The cabin is cozy and quite comfortable.
Thanks again for the fun filled Friday night.

     Harold & Leah
     June,  2010
We thoroughly enjoyed staying in the cabin.
The kitchenette was perfect for keeping a little food on hand.
The cabin is very cozy and had everything we needed.
We were even able to watch some of the World Cup during our down time.
Thank for providing a great place to stay.

     Kathy & Mark
     June,  2010
Thank you for letting us come back. It went from 70 to snow on the ground. Wow! It is beautiful.

     Ernie & Michelle
     March,  2010
What a quaint, cozy retreat! We'll definetely stay here during future visits to Mt. Ida!

     Gary & Sheryl
     February,  2010
What a blessing to have shared in the "Irish Music" in your home with our new friends in Christ!.
Sorry our trip was cut short due to a matter we needed to return home fast. We'll do this again soon!

     Mark & Donna
     November,  2009
Thank you Mike for the wonderful place. It is very peaceful and beautiful.

     George & Rite
     November,  2009
I loved your goats and the walk through the pretty gate!!

     October,  2009
We enjoyed out two-night stay in your comfortable cabin. Thank you!!
Your place is very beautiful and we love your neighbors. Great folks! God bless you both.

     October,  2009
As my wife Sheryl said, it is a wonderful place to stay! Next time we'll stay longer.
Beauty doesn't come close to describe the countryside. I also would like to thank you for all the extras we didn't count on, especially the cheese dip (yum!Yum!).
Thank you for making my "First" visit to your great State of Arkansas a memorable one.
God Bless ya'll.

P.S. Tell Norman & Lis it was a plesure meeting them.

     October,  2009
Dick and I have enjoyed out stay in the cabin. It is perfect for us.
We hope to come again some time.

     Carolyn & Dide
     October,  2009
Thanks so much for the help and wonderful hospilality.
Your place is beautiful and so peaceful.
Hope to see you again soon.

     September,  2009
We enjoyed your darling cabin. So relaxing to sit out on the porch in the rockers.
Thank you!

     Julie & Mike
     September,  2009
What a blessing I found a place to rest and have a wonderful time. Friends forever.

     September,  2009
May God continue to bless you. Again we enjoyed the cabin and all tha go with it.
Next time Mike will have to "pick" for us. Will keep you in our prayers

     Randy & Paula
     August,  2009
Yee Ha- you know we have been married for almost a full year now and this has been the most relaxing time we have had with each other.
Thank you so much and may God bless you always.

     Ernie & Michelle
     August,  2009
Thanks again for all your "Southern" hospility.
We will be "Rock" & rolling again. See you again.

     August,  2009
Thanks for another great visit and for your warm hospility.
Each visit is a unique, memorable experience, and you share a part of your own lives with us in friendship.
Thanks for your time and openness and friendship.
We will look forward to listening to your CD of veterans songs. Mike, I encourage you to keep writing poetry. You have some writing ability and it's good for therapeutic value too, for the heart and mind. I hope both to stay healthy and well. Take care.

     August,  2009
Thanks. As usual everything was cozy.

     July,  2009
We love your cabin and your hospitality.
May the Lord continue to bless you. Sorry our trip had to be cut short.

     Mark & Sandy
     July,  2009
We had a lovely visit here. It's a wonderful place.

     Dave & Georgia
     July,  2009
Wonderful place-wonderful stay. Mike and Rose Anne you are real jewels. Thanks!

     June,  2009
To quote Rolfe Martin, It was just a little bit of heaven!
Thanks for the nice visit.

     June,  2009

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